20/20 Optometry of Silicon Valley
20/20 Optometry of Silicon Valley
Professional Eye Examinations
 We recommend a comprehensive eye exam annually to check the health of the eyes and to prevent vision-related problems since we are all using so many digital devices daily. We offer a dry eye screening with each exam.
Treatment of Eye Diseases
 Our doctors are trained to treat allergies, infections, and eye diseases like glaucoma.
Optical Services
 Our eyewear stylists will find the perfect frame to match your prescription, personal style and overall lifestyle. "After Seeing Us, You Will Look As Great As You Can See!"
Contact Lenses
 Our doctors are qualified and trained to fit all lenses from soft contacts, RGP lenses, hybrid contacts, to scleral lenses (keratoconus patients). The hard to fit contacts are our speciality.
Safety Glasses
 We offer safety frame, safety sport goggles and safety lenses to work with everyone's lifestyle